Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Earth Hour

Seriously what the fuck was with this publicity stunt? All around the world let’s turn off our lights for a single hour. Now the premise has good intentions, claiming what, 10% reduction in CO2 emissions? That’s good of course.

However, the problem lies in the promotion and execution of the event. Leaflets, public booths with televisions and laptops, banners… Let's think of all this on a world scale, that’s a lot of fucking paper to use on pamphlets and a lot of electricity used on advertising.

Not to mention the rallies and events that occurred during said hour. Did anybody note the amount of generators up and running to provide electricity to events? Yes, let's overlook that minor contradiction.

Does anybody actually care about the environment or has it become the cool thing to do now? I’m having trouble figuring out which is which now. I suspect that it has become the hip thing to do, like voting for the Green Party.

Lets all be aware of our ecological footprint when it’s a popular event so we can all participate and say we participated to our friends. YAY! Give me a fucking break. Environmental activism requires constant action, even if it’s just a little thing it makes a big difference when implemented on a large scale. We are so obsessed with immediate results it’s fucking ridiculous. How about learning some patience and seeing how things can change for the better if given enough time?

This whole thing reminds me of the (red) campaign that ended up spending more in advertising than it actually took in profit for AIDS research. Why not just give a portion of ALL your fucking profits to AIDS research? I’m looking at you Steve Jobs and Bono.

Final word. Earth Hour, while good in theory to encourage people to turn off their lights (which we should already be fucking practicing) needs much work done on the execution and the social attitudes surrounding it. It’s to ENCOURAGE turning off your lights, its not a once a year fucking thing you twats.

Commit fully to the idea or don’t participate you fucks.

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