Thursday, April 3, 2008

The War in Iraq

This is a touchy issue for some people, but I’m not some people. I have sat idle by and have heard every “patriotic” argument supporting the war, and every close-minded leftist opinion against the war. The problem here is that society is fucked in so many ways its almost impossible for the average retard citizen to find enough motivation to sort through the bullshit, reflect on past historical occurrences and find that media propaganda is skewing your belief of how the war is going.

A brief summary of what has happened in the last seven years. Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger jet airliners and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Following the incident the United States then started not one, but two illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in what we have been told is an attempt to thwart terrorism at the heart of the problem.

To bring forth a key point that will run throughout the rest of this post, WAR = PROFIT. Investors, banks and national reserve just love war because it requires the government to take out huge amounts of money AT INTEREST in order to fund military operations. Especially if certain people can participate in treason and fund both sides of the war, thereby making double the profit. Lets note how J.P. Morgan funded both the US and Germans in World War I, making an estimated 200 billion dollars. Or in today’s standards 1.2 TRILLION FUCKING DOLLARS. With that point out of the way, lets progress through analysis of the situation.

Time for a history lesson. The American public has never had an interest in world affairs, this was shown quite predominantly during WWI and WWII where America chose to not get involved until they were attacked. The problem lies in that America cannot gain public support if they are perceived as the aggressors, so they play sideline antagonist and hope for retaliation.
World War I, the US entered the war after an ocean liner named the Lusitania was destroyed while crossing the Atlantic from US to England. The ship sunk in under 20 minutes and 1,200 people died. Since Americans were victims on this ship it was then justified for the government to go into battle, thus creating profit for the same private investors who arranged for the Lusitania to travel through known German waters.

World War II. Everybody knows the attack on Pearl Harbour lead the Americans to war. But leading up to the event Roosevelt was doing everything he could to piss off the Japanese. This includes trade restrictions, dealing with their enemies, and much more. Australian intelligence even warned him that a big task force from Japan was moving into the Pacific.

Fast forward. America has admitted to knowing something was up about 9/11 and chose not to act on it. A perfect catalyst to gain the American publics support for retaliation because America was the “victim”.

I'm going to ignore the illegal war part because I am not an expert on the legality of war, nor do I care about how legal a war is because IT’S STILL A FUCKING WAR LEGAL OR NOT. America has since routed two reigning regimes in a matter of years, and has now been participating in a security enforcement role.

The problem for you naive fucks is that you do not hear about any successes from the war, when in reality the whole mission has gone quite well, by war standards at least. Why haven’t we heard the good things? Because constant failure means that the war must last longer and a longer war means what? You guessed it, more profit.

The information we obtain is also very, very select, as it's coming from news sources that are controlled by those same people who are profiting from war. Everything you see on television has been adjusted to have a political and financial appeal for those who run the world. By believing everything you see you are playing directly into their fucking plans and making the rich even richer at the cost of eternal debt and loss of lives.

Nobody seems to remember when two British soldiers were captured in Arab outfits shooting at civilians on the street in an effort to produce more civil conflict, thus creating more justification for a military presence. War mongering at its finest.

Now the beautiful repercussions that have come from this never ending Terrorist threat? Homeland Security and the Patriot Act. These two things are responsible for giving the US government the most control it has ever had over the public. And why does the public openly embrace these ideas? Because they have been scared shitless by the media who has been mongering fear to the American public like its going out of style. The media manipulated the naive fucks of the public to WANTING the government to have more control over day to day life. It's almost laughable. Almost.

Now, with that out of the way let’s look at another aspect of why society sucks. If you are a frequent reader of this blog you are probably aware that my counterpart and I have a certain amount of disgust over how mindless we have become and how we are fucking obsessed with immediate results. And it is ruining modern life.

With that said, look back throughout history at the various revolutions that have occurred to institute democracy, the French Revolution and American Revolution being the most popular. THEY DID NOT HAPPEN OVER FUCKING NIGHT. The American revolution took over 7 years to finally succeed. You cannot seriously expect final results in altering the whole Iraqi hierarchal system within a few years. Fuck, the Sunni’s have been in power for centuries, and now they’re no better than the Kurds of Shi’ites and it pisses them the fuck off. You would be pissed too and you know it.

Reflect on how the Iraqi’s feel right now. They are fighting for their ideals against a superior force using questionable tactics and localized support. Reflect on how the American’s during the revolution felt. They fought for their ideals against a superior force using questionable tactics and localized support. Pretty similar, eh?

In conclusion, look past the media bullshit and gain some goddamn patience. Without public pressure and an ability to see just who is pulling the strings on the war, it will be a long conflict. Forcing the government to act is the key. History has a nasty tendency to repeat itself and rather than question the government, you mindlessly obey as they exert more and more power over the general populous until eventually totalitarianism is inescapable.

Seriously, it's time to gain some fucking perspective.

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