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Good day friends. I've been rather perturbed at a number of beliefs and ideals that environmentalists stand for/praise, so bear with me as I address a number of things I feel you should be informed about. Environmentalist, the term used to have meaning before ignorant assholes commandeered the green movement mere moments after watching Al Gore’s unfortunate documentary about global warming. This movement has entailed such ideals as Hybrid/electric/hydrogen cars, genetically modified food, “green power”, recycling and saving the various forests.

I’m only naming those points because I’m going to address those and if I were to address anymore then your pathetic attention span would prevent you from finishing my delightful post.

Topic the first, non-fossil fuel cars. Fantastic in theory, but these new and improved horseless carriages can only be so perfect. Take the hybrids for example, they have had numerous problems with misleading mileage claims, problems with batteries in cold weather, new driving techniques required and the near silent running have been cited problems. Not so perfect anymore, eh?

Electric? The silent operation means a higher chance of driving over somebodies inattentive child, and I’m sure you want that on your conscience. Not to mention the production and disposal of batteries is wonderful for the environment, with all those biodegradable heavy metals and battery acids! Let’s also note that they require charging and the electricity comes from unclean sources most of the time. So fuck you.

“But what about Hydrogen cars Brett?” Well with that particular concept the fuel is the problem. The methods for producing the fuel are heating methane under high pressure with a catalyst in a steam atmosphere, which requires natural gas. Another method is electrically breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen, and since fossil fuels and nuclear energy make up a good portion of electrical product that means pollution (in nuclear or smog form) is created in order to make a clean fuel. Let’s also examine how the vehicles will leave water trails on the roads… in cold weather. If you haven’t pieced it together yet, that means ice you fucking twit. But seriously, get off your high horse if you believe that changing vehicles will fucking cure the world ASAP. Get a tune up and a more sensible car and shut your fucking trap. These new designs, while good in theory are not all what they are cracked up to be. The new designs are not as perfect as we are lead to believe and we need to stop pushing the blame around. Period.

Topic the second, genetically modified food or as the “environmentalists” call it, “Frankenfood”. I find that term to be improper because Frankenstein was a useless motherfucker. Whereas GMO’s have a number of benefits for many different people.
For instance, GMO’s have allowed Mexican farmers to grow corn in soil with high aluminum concentrations, which for those of you who are retarded, is a good thing. How about the engineering that has added vitamin A to rice so that the 1.24 million Asian children out there who have vitamin A deficiency don’t have to suffer anymore. To emphasize things, genetically modifying food has been around for millenia,ever hear of cross breeding plants?

Look at how corn/cotton has been modified to produce its own toxins (harmless to humans by the way) that kill any pests that try to eat it. Now you may think that’s all terrible, but note that milkweed and the acacia tree do the same thing naturally. Downside? No medical problems have been directly associated with genetically modified food. You can cry about GMO food all you want because YOU ARE NOT FUCKING STARVING TO DEATH because of chronic food shortages.

“I only eat organic because it’s definitely better for me!” Well, that’s a statement of blissful ignorance if I had ever heard one. Organic has not been proven to be better than other food; it has been MARKETED THAT WAY. Organic farmers are businessmen, and the sole purpose in business is to make money. Let us also note that organic regulations are so slack that in theory, you can dust your drops with up to 30% heavy metals and still call it organic. Organic farmers can also fertilize their fields with heavy doses of human sewage which contains an abundance of everything you don't want near your food. Sounds mighty appealing to me. I hope you enjoy your over priced food now.

Green power is a broad term that includes the likes of wind power, geothermic, hydroelectric and solar power. Let me refute and approve of each to the best of my ability.

Wind power sounds pretty awesome! But let us consider the raw materials that go into production of these hulking towers, those use fossil fuels in production. Let us also consider that many of the towers used are made in Europe and have to be shipped over then trucked to their final destination, further use of fossil fuels. However, once assembled they are decent at producing power. So right now they are OK!

Geothermic is the only form that I find to be truly clean. The utilization of the Earths heat to produce electricity is a great idea; the only thing that is required is a lot of strategic piping. Iceland has done things perfect, and for that I commend them. Good job you fucking Vikings!

Hydroelectricity, dams in particular are ecological disasters and use a ridiculous amount of materials that go into production. For instance, the Hoover dam has enough concrete in it to pave a two-lane road from San Francisco to New York City. That combined with the huge regions that become flooded behind the dam, destroying perfectly good land in the process. They wreck river habitats, are an eyesore and are huge economic undertakings. Dams lose.

Solar panels suck, in that they require oil to heat water to produce electricity, the panels themselves produce toxins when being made and they take up huge stretches of land for (relatively) low amounts of power gain.

Coal fire plants suck in every way shape and form. So fuck you.

Nuclear power I don’t see the problem with, no emissions, huge megawatt output, great career opportunities. Only problem is the nuclear waste disposal and terrorist threat (which I may or may not touch on in a later posting) to cure the disposal problem I say lets either:

A) Shoot it into the sun
B) Dump it in a volcano
C) Shut the fuck up

With that said, green power is an illusion. Anything can be green in comparison with the coal fire plants spewing shit over the landscape. Everything has its drawbacks and the initial production cost on the environment has to be weighed against the overall amount of pollution saved.

Recycling, there is really nothing to refute but the tedious process of separating trash. Seriously, what the fuck is this about. Think about it, if you could throw everything in one bin and a recycling plant does all the sorting then recycling would be both convenient and kick ass. Oh yeah, let us also note the excessive amounts of pollution that is produced to recycle plastic and paper. So fuck off on your self righteous attitude. If I throw a plastic bottle in the trash it will not end the world. So somebody go bring the idea of mass sorting to life, until then the overall pathetic laziness of society will prevent everyone from recycling.

“Green is a revolution, it’s for the better of everybody” Now that’s just the type of sentence that has obviously come straight from a commercial and you are rehashing it for the world. You know who else led a “revolution” for the better of “everybody”?
To cite some events;

- Bolshevik revolution that established communism and formed the Soviet Union
- Spanish revolution
- Cuban revolution
- Irish Republican Army
- Ba’ath revolutionary party (that put Hussein in power)

So is revolution really the right word? No, let’s call it a green movement that is based solely off guilt. It's awesome how ignorant people can be that by saving the planet one way they turn a blind eye and manage to use more resources in another aspect of life.

Look at the real pros and cons of each of these “green” alternatives and decide which is better for your particular situation. Don’t let a fucking commercial decide what you should do. Rather, note that it is almost impossible to not leave an ecological footprint in western society short of living in a hobbit hole or a tent or a cave, growing all your own food and never having fires. We are wasteful by nature. You cannot change your fucking lifestyle to make a real difference, or you can buy into the idea that this stuff is as clean as it gets. You want to believe you are better than everybody else because you drive a Prius? How about you get a fucking clue. Stop the fucking condescending attitude and make a real lifestyle change you pompous assholes. Learn to conserve.


* Get a tune up
* Balance your tires
* Make sure your house is properly insulated
* Turn off your lights
* AC? Fuck off
* Add some geothermic piping to your house or a rooftop solar panel
* Use your fucking brain for once

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