Friday, April 11, 2008

Olympic Protesting

Greetings petty mortals. I am using this spare moment between exams to post my grievances over the increasingly popular idea of boycotting the Beijing Olympic games. To begin with, this is directed at the knobs who think that protesting the Olympics is great and Tibet should be free and blah blah blah I feel good about myself now.

Tibet has been battling for its sovereignty for 57 fucking years and everyone chooses to care when its the "hip" thing to do. Jesus fuck, everyone and their mom cared about Burma (Myanmar) 6 months ago, Darfur before that, and so on, all the way back to when Bob Geldof told everyone about Ethiopia (to keep to moderately recent events). Oh yeah, what's the hipster thing I should say here? Wait, I remember, FREE Tibet! Not since the mid 90's when a slew of larger bands (Beastie Boys) played to raise awareness of the Tibet issue have I witnessed so much temporary sympathy or vomited so much.

Protesting a sporting event does not make a political point you fucking twats. The Olympics are intended to be a world wide track meet. That's it. The host country was selected some 6 or 7 years ago (while Tibet was still not free) and they are expected to provide adequate facilities for the ATHLETES to come and compete in.

Example time. Because I know you morons love examples.

This is so fucking stupid I'm almost at a loss for words. Almost. If you are going to protest ANYTHING you better understand the historical context of things otherwise you have just proven your ineptitude. People like this are the reason why I'm pro-choice.

*If you didn't laugh at that picture and you are a supporter of Olympic protesting then you are also fucking stupid.

Berlin Germany - 1936
Nobody, absolutely no one boycotted the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany. There was some resentment from the Jewish community but ultimately things went okay all things considered. Hell, even a bunch of black athletes won medals.

Melbourne Australia - 1956
Two issues forced a number of countries to boycott the Olympics for completely stupid reasons. The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland were pissed that the Hungarian Uprising was thwarted by the Soviet Union. Cambodia, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon, boycotted the games due to the Suez Canal Crisis. How dumb is that? Not sending athletes that have trained for a majority of their lives in order to compete and you refuse to send them because of some squabble you're having. Either that or because your bleeding heart guilts you into not supporting the games in AUSTRALIA, which had nothing to do with either of those two reasons for boycott.

Munich Germany - 1972
Better known by its official slogan "The Happy Games". I'm not going to discuss the Palestinian/Israeli issue that arose during the games, because it has nothing to do with boycotting and was an isolated incident. I mention this event only because nobody boycotted Germany even though, you know... World War II.

Montreal - 1976
Canada went proactive and told the then Republic of China (Taiwan) that they could not compete under that name because Canada only recognized the People's Republic of China. Taiwan refused to compromise and they didn't come. Big loss. As well, Congo led a boycott of 28 African nations because IOC refused to disallow the New Zealand Rugby team from competing.

Moscow - 1980
In the heart of the cold war it was to be expected a number of countries would not send athletes. Those countries include; Canada, USA, Norway, Germany (west), China, Japan, Argentina, Turkey and others. This was mainly over a USA led boycott because of the recent Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Promoters tried to keep politics out of the games but politics fucked things up again.

Los Angeles - 1984
For boycotting the 1980 Olympics the Soviet Union and its affiliates boycotted the LA version four years later out of spite. Again, politics fucked things up for the athletes.

All these examples tell us something. We have gotten a whole lot more retarded since 1936 when everybody sucked it up and marched right into the heart of Nazi-land because they wanted to compete. They left politics at the fucking door.

Then we had a full 24 years of good times. Until now, when all you mindless idiots decided to do a good deed and protest human rights violations to a country that doesn’t give a shit what the world thinks.

Human rights are all well and good, but protesting a sporting event that is intended to bring countries together and win some medals just sounds fucking stupid. To me it says: "We don't know what the Olympics represent, but its an easy opportunity to say fuck you China."

Mindless protesting I don't mind so much (to an extent). In fact, it amuses me because of how passionate people get over issues most of them do not fully understand or appreciate on a global political level. What I do mind is how people are so willing to speak for their national athletes and ruin their chance to compete on a global level at something they have devoted their lives to. Through your protesting and petty politics you are taking away THE RIGHT of those HUMANS to compete in an event that was made for athletes.

Different protest, but this guy has the right idea.

Much like the Church and State, let’s keep sporting events and State affairs separate.

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