Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Global Warming

I'm not going to preach to you about whether global warming is real or not, because I personally don't give a fuck what you think. What is really irking is how hordes of people just mindlessly agree with a THEORY because Al Gore made a movie and won an Oscar. You know what else won an Oscar? Fucking Shrek. Different categories, but that really brings down the importance when in context. Well he won the Nobel Peace prize! WHO FUCKING CARES? The peace prize has no scientific basis, you can win one for being really nice to everyone (Mother Theresa).

Why, why does this man have such an important opinion? I will never know, because society as a whole can be compared to sheep. Or to a lesser extent, lemmings.

You want evidence that this is a whole lot of hype? I got it right here, just think back on the environmental fads that have been such a threat to humanity... until the next thing came along.
Think for just one second (don't hurt yourself) about the "big" issues of the last 40 years.

Now - Global Warming
1990's - Acid Rain
1980's - Hole in the ozone

So which fad will it be in 2010? Fossil fuel crisis, asteroids, lobster men, radiation, China. Take your pick.

Lets examine a counter point to the popular theory that global warming is solely a man made problem. For instance, a popular counterpoint says that the Earth goes through climate cycles and we are currently in a hot portion.

Along with that, when we look back on past climate history, the period from the 1940s to 1970s the theory of global cooling became popular as snowfall records were shattered and new low temperatures were recorded. Industrialization had been around for 100 years and things had gotten colder after years of "increasing" temperatures. Well ya-fucking-hoo.

*Lets note that Toronto almost broke snowfall records this winter.

Did Mr. Gore forget to mention the period that has been dubbed the "Little Ice Age" that happened between 1300-1500 where the Earth went through a period of gradual cooling, causing glaciers to EXPAND. Now what this means for those of you following along, is that the Earth tends to go through cycles, and could it be that we are in the midst of another cycle and will soon be cast into another ice age. I certainly hope so.

Now lets take a look at something people tend to take for granted; THE SUN. Somehow it has been determined that the only reason the Earth could possibly get hotter is because humankind fucked things up in the process of making this place nice and livable. Instead, how about we look to the source of all heat for the planet, the big unstable flaming ball of hydrogen and helium that we orbit around. We (you, not me) tend to be naive and think the sun is a big ball of consistency but truth is, it most certainly is not. Its a big flaming ball for fuck sakes. It is ever looming towards a bitter end in which its gigantism will eventually consume this excuse of a planet, and then it will explode. Awesome. Anyways, the sun has a life cycle (note the cycle theme) and within that cycle it entails that the sun gets hotter, which is what has been happening over the last 15 years or so. Lets think for a moment kiddies, if the suns surface gets hotter that means... you guessed it, so does the Earth! Regardless of how many hydrocarbons we burn in an effort to make life easy. Let us also note that Mars has gotten warmer recently as well. Could our pollution have travel across the 56 million km space between planets?

However, there is no denying pollution, smog, nuclear winter, and all that good stuff that comes as a by-product of humanity using machinery and electricity. None of those are good by any means (unless you are a communist) but is global warming caused almost solely by pollution? I think not. Pollution is bad, we know that. But could it be possible that the media and governments have used global warming as motivation? Never, because we all know the media and government have no hidden agendas. Ever.

You can research these theories and come up with all the evidence you want. For as I stated in the opening paragraph, I'm not trying to push your opinion in either direction. Rather I am here, as a messiah to bring forth the broad concept that EVERY STORY HAS TWO FUCKING SIDES. You need to know both to have a valid opinion about anything. A one sided opinion just means that you are lazy and ignorant. Fuck you.

End point, this was not solely about global warming. The broader point is to expand your knowledge by learning the point/counterpoint system and stop being such a pathetic sheep or even worse, a lemming. The masses are not always right, if that were true then everyone would still think the Earth is flat and the sun orbits us.

You naive bastards.

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