Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Contemporary Art: Part One

Seriously, what the fuck is with contemporary art? For the sake of ranting I will focus particularly on the "non traditional" style of art, meaning not painting, sculpting, etc. Rather I will concentrate my rage on contemporary arts gross brother - obscurity. To me, this is not art in any way, shape or form. It is a scapegoat to being a sociopath and a general sick motherfucker. For example, going around and causing mass panic by leaving a fake bomb somewhere then trying to act like it's art should be punishable by a fucking flogging in hopes of beating some sense into you.

Now, unlike my raging counterpart, I am by no means an artist, HOWEVER I do believe that blood, feces, vomit, objects of mass hysteria, lewd conduct, shoving things in various orifices and spraying various bodily fluids ARE IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH FUCKING ART. What this proves to me is you suck at every other form (yes, even mime) and have resorted to the freak show method and obscure interpretations in order to be elite in your group of friends.

Those friends by the way, suck. Sipping Starbucks coffee while typing away on your Macbook Pro and listening to the latest piece of indie shit while wearing a beret means you are a fucking trend hopping hipster, just like the other 50 million of you original motherfuckers. Wipe that smug look off your face before I put out my cigarette on your pasty white skin.

Only a sociopath would think that contemporary art is new and awesome. Think of it,
"Hey I just willingly disobeyed the system in various disturbing ways because its creative!"
but what happens when you get caught?
"Oh shit, I got caught. You can't arrest me, it's art, I swear!"
Is this the new way of pleasing insanity? Perhaps.

Between skinning cats (See:Kensington Cat), puking in galleries on other pieces, leaving fake bombs around are just a few examples. All this tells me is that you are a fucking sociopath who finds no better pleasure than ruining stuff and using art as a scapegoat. Go expose your disgusting habits where they belong; on the internet.

Don't get me wrong, expressing yourself is great. But this is not healthy expression, rather it is exposing yourself as a social (maybe sexual) deviant who obviously has no sense of right and wrong. Whats the difference between a "artist" (to use the term loosely) and a pervert/animal killer/fake bomber/vomiting person and a criminal? The claim of ARTISTIC EXPRESSION!

In Conclusion, if you suck at REAL ART (it's a pretty broad category, pick a fucking genre) then either IMPROVE or QUIT. It's how life goes. Just don't be a contemporary artist, obscure for the sake of obscure.

You smug sociopathic piece of shit.

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