Friday, August 22, 2008


How are you
How ya doing
Whats up
whats goin' on

These are but a few examples of mindless pleasantries that we all must endure on a daily basis. It's not so much that I hate the idea of inquiring into how someones day is going or what they are doing, but rather the fact that the action of inquiry has become so watered down that nobody sincerely gives a fuck.

You could say, well I'm having a shitty day, my wife left me and my dog exploded. But the person who asked will say something to the effect of "Thats terrible...but now to my business".

Now, there are exceptions. People like myself actually use this brief opening to set the stage for many conversations. For example "What's up?" and I'll reply "well I just finished downloading some music". Why do i reply as such? Because it actually starts some conversation, in this case the topic will be music. This is a significant improvement over "n2m u?"

When I glancingly pass you on the street and we're each on our own ways i don't care for such fucking formalities. Why, because I'm a busy fucking person, but I'm not a rude bastard. A simple "hey" or "hello" or god forbid even a nice tilt of the head in acknowledgement of each other is acceptable.

Save your fucking breath, when you start a conversation you better set the topic right from the beginning. A greeting starts the conversation, if you initiate the conversation you better have a fucking reason. Mindless chitchat is what's ruining people, so the simple solution is to cut the bullshit.

If you irritate me on a consistent basis with the same rehashed pleasantries then I may have to punch you right in the reproductive organs so that you can't reproduce more foolish children.

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