Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gas price insanity

Ok, I understand that gas is expensive, especially if you drive an assload. What really makes me smile though is how people get particularly hyped over minute drops in prices, like people fleeing to the pumps at a 2cent drop.

Heres some math to show how dumb this is.
Ok, this is based on having a 50L tank (car sized)
50L @ 100cents a liter = $50
50L @ 110cents a liter = $55
50L @ 120cents a liter = $60
50L @ 130cents a liter = $65

Those are significant jumps in price mind you. Now, think of the knobs who try to milk every drop of gas when it drops 2cents, they save a total of $1 per fillup. However, the time spent in line idling with fellow crazed idiots they ended up using $4 in gas.

Yes I'm aware that shit totals up after awhile, but the idea of driving extra blocks or kilometers in order to save $1 is ridiculous. I'm all for capitalism otherwise, lowest price for the same product will always win, but at the issue of convenience and sanity. Fuck off.

Low prices are nice, but think of how petty you are being over such a miniscule amount of gas.

Hell, I drive a big van and won't sit in line with those crazy people even if im saving $5, because they freak me out at just how incredibly insane they become. I hope they are getting watered down gas as punishment.

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