Saturday, May 10, 2008

The UN Self Interest Council

Dear faithful readers, I'd apologize for the lack of posting as of recent, but it’s not part of my cold and decisive nature to apologize for anything. Now let’s get straight to business.

Get rid of fucking full veto power to permanent members of the UN Security Council. For arguments sake I will elaborate on that statement, but it'll be brief because frankly, I type a lot. For those of you unfamiliar with how the Security Council works here's a quick overview of how shit goes down...

The UNSC is responsible for quelling international squabbling and keeping general order throughout the world. There are five permanent members; France, UK, United States, Russia and China. Ten other members are elected on a 2 year cycle, 5 are replaced per year. A single permanent member can veto an entire motion while it takes 9 pro-votes for action to be taken on a matter.

Now this is fantastic, if you are thinking ahead then you can smell the conflict of interest that could potentially happen if one of these permanent members decided it was in their best interest to not act on a given motion. These criticisms can be noted in how NO action was taken in Rwanda in 1994 even though there was substantial evidence of the atrocity occurring. Yet in 1991 when incredibly resource rich Kuwait gets harassed and invaded by Iraq the council could not act fast enough to send a coalition force to thwart the invasion.

Now me discuss why the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan (Yes it's in Sudan, because I doubt many of you actually knew that) can never be resolved so long as the veto power of the Permanent 5 (hereafter referred to at the P5) continues to hold the rest of the world hostage.

China has invested lots of money in Sudan, particularly in their oil reserves which although negligible in comparison with most oil producers, is still enough to raise interest in shitty Sudan. Sudanese government exterminates people in the Darfur region using weapons sold to them by... CHINA! China then uses that relationship to further investment, because China is the man on the inside at the UN. If anybody wants to take action in Sudan then the Chinese just say "How about no, since we gots lots of renminbi invested there, maybe you should just fuck off or I’ll go veto on your ass."

Another problem is the UNSC holds much similarity to beatnik parents. They tell you to do something, but if you don't obey then there are no consequences. The council can say "Stop" and the offender can reply with a wholehearted "FUCK YOU!" and the council will just reply to that with "Stop... please."

End point, conflict of interest is alive and well at the UN headquarters and nobody seems to give a fuck. The P5 needs to be dissolved (preferably in acid) or at least take away their excessive veto powers or things will further degrade into a steaming pile of bureaucrats shit with a UN flag planted on top. No system is perfect, but sitting idly around won’t fucking change things. Protesting anything related to Darfur/Sudan is futile because as long as China is waving veto power around then there is little to no legal action that can be taken by any nation that wishes to assist in the manner.

Fuck the UNSC.

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